The remains

spinning out of control once more, let an empty universe swallow you. If you don't swim you'll drown, But what if drowning becomes your paradise? You think the unthinkable, heart bursting for freedom. The freedom you never knew. The skin that was once your home lies abandoned now. lights turn off one by one, darkness … Continue reading The remains


A brief open letter

Here's to the boys who wear pink play with dolls without a trace of shame cry without grace. Manning up isn't their thing, they would rather put flowers in their hair, pull off eye liner like a pro. here's to the skinny boys who bruise themselves, learning ballet instead of fighting. wearing their skins with … Continue reading A brief open letter


a mirror shattered, seven other mirrors begotten. dust speckled reflections seven different girls seven different sets of lost eyes. I placed my hand on a piece of broken glass, seven hands appeared on the mirrors. From life's cauldron, the seven girls had a spoonful; bitter, morbid. What each of them lost piece by piece, came … Continue reading Rebirth